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Šarūnė Urbonavičienė aka Sharune [ʃʌru:ne] is a London-based Actress/PA.
She was born in South Lithuania, finished Marijampolė Music School in violin specialty and participated in numerous concerts around Europe. She also played drums in a rock band and won 1st place in National Yamaha Competition.

​Since 2013 Sharune shifted her focus on film acting career. She took acting classes with Katie Morgan (The Actor's Surgery), Matt Banister (RADA), Louise O'Leary (Standby Method Acting Studio) and Steve North (The Reel Scene). Her first feature lead was violinist Eva in crime thriller 'Play With Me' (dir Yezid Jimenez).

Sharune was awarded Student Bursary at Equity Awards and since 2020 is training at the Identity School of Acting.


In production... TV Series VICE SQUAD: UNITED KINGDOM - Adrienne Joyner Feature Film THE ACCIDENT - Jenna - Allan Thurbon Feature Film THE SUBORDINATE - Fiona (Forensics Team) - Damien Kage Short Film COMIC TIMING - Sara - Debbie Howard Short Film LOVING EMILY - Akasha - Yan Frame Previous work.. Documentary THE SPEETBOAT KILLER: THE KILLING OF CHARLOTTE BROWN - Reconstruction - Lila Allen Zoom Theatre REDEEMED (2021) - Olga Petrova - Farah Merani Zoom Theatre DANCE NATION (2020) - Ashlee - Or Benezra-Segal Short Film FACE VALUE (2015) - Ruby - Sunil Goswani
Web Series WHEN ALLY MET SALLY (2015) - Monica - Sunil Goswani Short Film MERIDIAN RITUALS (2015) - Ritualist - Sasha Zivkovic Short Film GROWING PAIN (2015) - Lead girl - Ruda Santos Short Film FEELINGS (2014) - Narrator - Shreya Banerjee
Feature Film PLAY WITH ME (2014) - Eva - Yezid Jimenez
Feature Film BISMARK THE JOKE (2014) - Gloria - Abbeam Ampomah Danso Short Film THAT DAY OF LOVE (2014) - Chloe - Marysa Edwin Short Film HOUSEMATE WANTED (2014) - Magda - Rik Gordon Short Film STIM+ (2014) - Jennifer - Cristobal D'Onofrio Short Film QUEEN OF DIAMONDS (2014) - Bartender - Richard. J. Perry Short Film SONRIE (2013) - Lucy - Cristobal D'Onofrio, Robbie DeLacy Music Video FOR THE LOVE ALONE - Lip singer - The Amateur band, Dominic Clark


Identity School of Acting Femi Oguns Masterclasses The ReelScene Screen Acting School Method Training Camp, Louise O’Leary, StandBy Method Acting Studio Improvisation Level 1, Matt Bannister, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Also various workshops... The Actors Gym Online Acting School The Instinctive Actor, Jo Kelly Screen Acting workshops, Christopher Hanvey, Anarchy!Actors Studio Acting workshops, Guy Harries, Red Hat Opera
Meisner, Pamela Moller Kareman, The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre New York
Method, Louise O'Leary, StandbyMethod Acting Studio workshops
Acting workshops, The ReelScene Acting Masterclasses, Katie Morgan, The Actors' Surgery
Acting workshops, Joanna Archer, Untold Productions with The Nursery Theatre Acting


GDPR training, Virtual College Neuroscience for Personal Development, Virtual College Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes, Virtual College
Helicopter lessons, EBG Helicopters - ex 3, 4, 5, 6, 11
Recurve and Bare bow, Adrian Thomas, Elite Archery Coaching
NVQ Level 2 Customer Service, Distinction, City&Guilds
Functional Skills Level 2 Mathematics, City&Guilds
Functional Skills Level 2 English, City&Guilds Management & Leadership Training, IME Sports and Exercise Nutrition, Distinction, Shaw Academy
NVQ Level 2 Hospitality and Catering, Edexcel BTEC
Marketing Management, 60 ECTS, Copenhagen Business Academy
Legal Education Program, ELSA LT
Internet Safety, Microsoft UP
MS Powerpoint, Microsoft UP
Communications on the Internet, Microsoft UP
MS Excel, Microsoft UP
Business English, IBS at Vilnius University
Young Businessman School, IBS at Vilnius University
Young Mathematicians School, LSM
Marijampole Music School (1999-2006 , Violin, piano, singing, chorus, ensemble, music theory and culture)


Art... Illustrator, winner - postcards printed, 90th Celebration of Restoration of Lithuania Independence (2008, Lithuania, L. Grinkienė Illustrator, 3rd Place, IV Lithuanian Catholic Schools Olympiad (2008, Lithuania, L. Grinkienė) Illustrator, Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania Celebration (2007, Lithuania, L. Grinkienė, B. Kulnytė) Illustrator, Translation and Illustration Project TAVO ŽVILGSNIS (2006, Lithuania, O. Leonavičienė) Illustrator, 1st Place, XVII National Children Literature Illustration Contest (1997, Lithuania, J. Bičkienė) Literature... Writer, 1st place, Creative Literature Contest AUKSINIS RUDENĖLIS (2001, Lithuania, N. Pileckienė) Dance... Dancer/lip sync, Music Video FOR THE LOVE (2013, UK, The Amateur Band, Dominic Clark) Dancer National Festival LIETUVOS MOKSLEIVIŲ DAINŲ ŠVENTĖ (2005, Lithuania, Igliaukos 'Tryptukas', L. Penkaitis) Dancer, Marijampolė Dance Festival KUR ŠEŠUPĖ TEKA (2000, Lithuania, J. Brusokienė) Music.. Violin, The Millennium Song Celebration (2009, Lithuania, L. Penkaitis) Violin, Countryside Orchestra Festival GRIEŽK SMUIKELI (2009, Lithuania, L. Penkaitis) Violin, CD SKAMBĖK, DAINA (2008, Lithuania, 'SŪDUVA', L. Penkaitis) Violin, Music Video TĖVIŠKĖ (2008, Lithuania, 'SŪDUVA', L. Penkaitis) Violin, Charity Concert for Children Oncohematology Patients LINKSMOJI ARMONIKA (2008, Lithuania, 'Paguoda', R. Kneizevičienė, L. Penkaitis) Violin, Countryside Orchestra Festival GRIEŽK SMUIKELI (2008, Lithuania, L. Penkaitis) Violin, Countryside Orchestra Festival GROK JURGELI (2008, Lithuania, L. Penkaitis) Violin, X Lithuanian Countryside Orchestra Celebration (2008, Lithuania, L. Penkaitis) Violin, Meteliai St George's Day Celebration (2008, L. Penkaitis) Violin, Marijampolė City Hall Concert (2007, Lithuania, M. Upit) Singer, Gospel Festival SPOTKANIE MUZYKI GOSPEL (2007, Poland, G. Katilius) Drums, Marijampolė Culture Days (2007, Lithuania, G. Katilius) Singer, Song Festival PAKELIUI Į ŽVAIGŽDES II (2007, Lithuania, N. Pileckienė) Drums, Kybartai Festival (2007, Lithuania, G. Katilius) Violin, V National Music Schools' String Festival (2007, Lithuania, M. Upit) Violin, Christmas Concert for Nephrologic Patients (2006, Lithuania, 'Gyvastis', M. Upit) Drums, 1st place, YAMAHA NATIONAL COMPETITION (2006, Lithuania, G. Katilius) Violin, Saint Avertin Music Festival (2006, France, L. Penkaitis) Violin, Marijampolė Instrumental Music Festival (2006, Lithuania, M. Upit, E. Tiškienė) Drums, 1st Sep Celebration (2006, Lithuania, G. Katilius) Violin, Užventis Music Festival (2006, Lithuania, L. Penkaitis) Drums, Guitar Festival PASLAPTINGIEJI AKORDAI (2006, Lithuania, G. Katilius) Drums, Music Festival MANO GARSAI (2006, Lithuania, G. Katilius) Violin, Festival GRYBŲ ŠVENTĖ (2006, Lithuania, L. Penkaitis) Violin, Marijampolė Instrumental Music Festival (2005, Lithuania, M. Upit, E. Tiškienė) Violin, Marijampolė Music School Jubilee Concert (2005, Lithuania, M. Upit) Violin, Teachers' Day Celebration Concert (2005, Lithuania, M. Upit) Violin, IV Kaunas Music Schools' String Festival (2005, Lithuania, M. Upit) Violin, Christian Music Festival GIEDU DIEVUI IR TĖVYNEI (2005, Lithuania, E. Tiškienė) Violin, Marijampolė Instrumental Music Festival (2004, Lithuania, M. Upit, E. Tiškienė) Violin, String Festival DETACHE (2003, Lithuania, M. Upit) Violin, Marijampolė Instrumental Music Festival (2003, Lithuania, M. Upit) Violin, II Kaunas Music Schools' String Festival (2002, Lithuania, E. Tiškienė) Violin, Alytus Chamber Music Festival (2002, Lithuania, E. Tiškienė) Violin, String Festival DETACHE (2002, Lithuania, M. Upit) Theatre... Stage, OPERA NABUCCO, VERDI, at WINDSOR ROYAL THEATRE, Ellen Kent Production, Ellen Kent (UK) : Jewish slave Modelled for... Toke Ronex Mike Devlin Stefan Nielsen Jan Valeur Anker Pedersen Francois Boutemy Lizanne Higgs Funmi & Adrian Omotade-Tan Danny Gaska Annelie Eddy Waiman Yau Adam Hobden Lisa Brown Kate Levy Alan Brown Tom Berry (SAKS Hair summer show '11) Anam Falak Vincent Sluiter Jason Mitchell Aaron Lassman Kamil Kurnikoff Kurylonek Kristina Gasperas Adam Craft Rajan Wadhera Simon Kirwin Lee Dang Ian Messenger Matthieu Levefre Ilaria Petrucci Kit Moc Edvinas Urbonavičius Azfar Nazir Michael Powell Aina Mccallum India-Mae Alby Ryan Browne Jas Panesar Natasha Corne Omid Shirazi Laurence Taylor Tony Byrne Gaston Ferrara Rinauto Supporting artist... BFF2 (2022) Tara vs Bilal (2022) Double XL (2022) Bridgerton (2020) {Diamond of the First Water (#1.1)} Ashens and the Polybius Heist (2020) One Crazy Thing (2016) Kill Your Friends (2015) Price for Illusion: Dobin (2014) The Pony & Trap (2014) Any Other Day (2014) Chanel Staff training video (2014) Vodafone Commercial (2014)


Cinematography masterclass, Kevin Garrison, Garrison Academy First AD masterclasses for HETV freelancers, Richard Lingard, Grand Scheme Media
The Art of Cinematic Storytelling workshop, Mark Voelpel, The National Arts Club
The Art of Visual Storytelling, Anthony Richmond, New York Film Academy masterclass, Also... Tackling harassment and bullying at work, Screenskills Giving Helpful Feedback, University of Colorado Boulder Dealing with Stressful Situations, Virtual College Positive Way of Problem Solving, TJA LT Coronavirus basic awareness on production training, Screenskills Infection Prevention and Control, Virtual College